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Automatic Intelligent Payment Posting Patient Alerts
Patient Pharmacy Tracking Color Coded Patient Accounts
Over 30 Standard Reports Recalls
Patient Lookup by Name, Acct, DOB, Phone, SS# Limit Patients by Ins/Pat Balance
Patient Quick View Patient Age Calculation
Authorizations Optional Electronic Claims Direct
HCFA 1500 Format New York Medicaid eMedNY Phase II Format
Workers Comp/No Fault New York State C4 and PT4
ANSI 837P and 837I HIPAA Formats Patient Photograph
After Care tracking Multiple Referral plans
HIPAA Letter On File User Defined Fee Sets
To Do Reminders Scan Insurance Cards
Progress Notes Diagnosis Update from Charge Entry
Primary Care Physician LSP Date
CoPays By Carrier Alternate Patient Address
Phone Number Rolodex Customizable Super Bill
Appointment Scheduling Auto Load Charge Entry from Appt
Appointment Count Displayed By Day Chart Pull List
CoPays By Carrier Alternate Patient Address
Patient Memos User Level Restrictions
Appointment Listing Insurance and Patient Billing History